Helping Children


We believe that when we help others reach their dreams, we reach our dreams.  Because the people of Rena Ware are caring, family oriented people; we have made a commitment to give back to their communities.  We strive to achieve prosperity so we can help others more.


Charity Weeks is Rena Ware’s annual company-wide event that centers on helping to provide for the needs of children.  Charity Weeks is about doing more, giving back, and especially about helping children to achieve their dreams.

Learn about the charities helped by Rena Ware's Charity Weeks.


Escuela Agazzi provides a home and care for developmentally disabled children.


Fundación Sanar - This organization is devoted to helping children who suffer from cancer.

Costa Rica

Casa Luz – This association provides a home, food, and education for teenaged mothers and their children.

El Salvador

The Albergue Jardin de Amor is a house that provides for the special needs of children with AIDS.


In Peru, the Puericultorio Perez Aranibar gives food and shelter to underprivileged children.


Fordec (Foundation for Rehabilitation & Development of Children and Family) provides day-care, food, and education for children from impoverished families.

United States

The Metro Kidz program brings a message of hope and life to thousands of children throughout the Los Angeles area.


Fé y Alegria - An organization founded over 50 years ago and devoted to promoting education for poor children.