There isn’t anything better than a new beginning; that opportunity that life gives us to make a clean slate and start the year full of energy. Have you noticed how motivated everyone is on January 1? But, as the days go by, that optimism diminishes. Although we don’t have the cure for it, we know that our habits impact our attitude and can make a big difference on the upcoming moments of 2019.

This is the perfect day to reflect on the actions that will allow us to live a healthy lifestyle and experience 365 joyful days a year. Let’s start by making small changes that will have a big impact on our lives!

Cook at home

We know that going out to eat is delicious and no, we are not going to stop doing it. Yet, have you ever wondered how restaurants prepare your food? You may have an idea, but you’ll never know for sure. In the end, you don’t know the amount and type of fat and sugars you are consuming.

How to Start the New Year Right

By cooking at home, you can feed yourself consciously by preparing healthy dishes with nutritious ingredients. You can’t imagine how grateful your body can be until you eat a homemade burger, not one from a fast food chain. Your homemade version can become the envy of any restaurant’s burger.

If you cook with Rena Ware, you have a huge advantage by needing little or no fat or water when cooking. For example, you can use the 3 L Grater/Steamer Tray to prepare delicious vegetables  the “water-less” way in which they cook in their own juices!

How to Start the New Year Right

Of course, eating healthy doesn’t mean it’s boring. How about making delicious Chicken Piccata, Butternut Squash Soup, Stuffed Peppers, or Quinoa Salad with Vegetables? Nothing better than making flavor a lifestyle!

Replace some foods

It is no secret that some foods are healthier than others, with less fat and sugar and more nutrients. So, it’s ideal to use them in your daily meals and use those with fewer nutritional benefits less often.

How to Start the New Year Right

This doesn’t mean you should forget about enjoying your favorite dishes. Remember, the world of gastronomy has infinite possibilities. By experimenting, you can make still make your favorites using healthier ingredients. For example, you can substitute white potatoes with sweet potatoes for baking, chips, and fries. Or prepare creamy sauces using low-fat greek yogurt instead of sour cream to serve with homemade tacos.

How to Start the New Year Right

Easy, isn’t it? Now, try some other substitutions:

  • Quinoa instead of rice.
  • Blackberries instead of candy.
  • Dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.
  • Mustard instead of mayonnaise.
  • Bananas instead of ice cream.

Exercise without noticing it 

Did you know that the World Health Organization advises that adults between 18 and 65 years old should exercise at least 150 minutes per week?1 This goal seems easy to achieve, but it gets complicated when we get carried away by our daily routine.

1 World Health Organization. (2010). Global recommendations on physical activity for health. Switzerland. 

How to Start the New Year Right

The good news is that you can exercise wherever you are! At work, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Use a basket and not a cart at the grocery store. Walk while talking on the phone. Get up off the couch when your favorite TV show goes to a commercial break. Balance on either foot when in a long line in the bank. Dance at home while listening to songs you love. Play with your children and pets as much as possible.

You don’t really have any excuses not to stay active! Think about other ways in which you add exercise to your daily routine

Drink water

Water is essential for our bodies to function, so it’s important to have fresh tasting water available when you want it. We know you already have your Aqua ✓ Nano Filter Bottle. Take advantage of its benefits so you always can have fresh filtered water on the go. It will be your ideal companion at the gym and even in the office.

How to Start the New Year Right

At the same time, you’ll be helping the environment by decreasing the use of disposable plastic bottles! Is there a better combination?

You now have some tips and tools to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. What other recommendations would you give us to start the New Year right?