Enjoy success

  • Gabriel Chacon

    Gabriel Chacon started his first business selling fruit, shampoo, and medicine to stores and pharmacies when he was still in high school. His business was thriving until a bad recession hit Colombia in 1996. Stores failed to pay him for his goods, his business went bankrupt, and he became desperate to find another way to make a living.

    Gabriel heard about different business opportunities, but they required him to make a big investment. He was immediately attracted to Rena Ware because no major investment was required, nor did he have to store products or collect payments from customers. Rena Ware did all of that, and more.

    “I thought it would be a great opportunity, so I joined.” says Gabriel. “The Company’s program is excellent. The Rena Ware University seminar is great! In addition, the contests and prizes get me motivated. These factors and many others have helped me move and grow.” Since joining, Gabriel has accumulated many awards including the Medal of Honor, Rena Ware’s top award, and earned many trips, which he loves to take with his spouse Maria Elena, who is also in Rena Ware. He has also gained financial success, as well as personal and professional satisfaction, and he is convinced that anyone can achieve what he has with the Rena Ware opportunity.

    “Anyone who focuses 100% and does exactly what Rena Ware’s program says can achieve what I have, without a doubt,” says Gabriel. “Rena Ware has been a leader in the market for more than 70 years for a reason. No one has ever proven to me that there is better opportunity anywhere. Nothing can beat what Rena Ware offers. Rena Ware is a golden opportunity.“

  • Briceida Ferre

    Back in 1978 when she started her Rena Ware business, Briceida Ferre says she didn’t know how to sell, but she did love to talk and share the benefits of Rena Ware with other people.  Today, Briceida is even more inspired to share the Opportunity with as many people as she can, especially to help parents provide better educations and lifestyles for their children. 

    “It is very important to share what we value with others.  The Rena Ware business is the best hope for the future.  It helps people have a better opportunity to reach more in this life.  Rena Ware is special because it is a reality that it does help others.  It is not just about making money; it is also about taking care of your health, and I love the fact that Rena Ware is committed to giving to charities.  For me, to live the Rena Ware life means to live a life of happiness, of sharing, work, and action.  The Rena Ware life is a life of giving.”

    Born in Colombia, Briceida grew up on her parents’ hacienda where they raised cows and grew coffee.  After she married a Peruvian, she and her husband moved to Peru and started their own family.  In 1978, Briceida went to a Rena Ware demonstration, bought a set of cookware, and was offered the Opportunity.  She started her business part-time.  Later, when her children got older, she devoted herself fulltime to her Rena Ware business.  “My Rena Ware business helped me grow as a person.  I married very young and thought I was going to be working in the home everyday.  I didn’t even go to the university, and it didn’t matter.  Because of Rena Ware, I feel I did good – as a woman, as a mother, and as a person.”

    Briceida and her husband Manuel, a retired mining engineer, have been married for 36 years and have three children, Diego a business administrator, Pierre a graphics artist, and Giselle a television producer.  Briceida says her biggest inspiration has always been her family, her husband and children, and to be able to share her achievements with them – and her Rena Ware family whom she spends so much time with.  “They too have become my family.”

  • Jorge Obeso
    After his father lost his land in the mountains, Jorge Obeso moved with his family to the bustling city of Trujillo, Peru. Every member of his family went to work to help meet living expenses, and Jorge, at age seven, was no exception.  He worked as a bag handler at the supermarket, sold newspapers, and worked as a shoeshine boy to contribute to the family’s income.

    After finishing high school, he worked for a printing company while attending school to earn a degree in accounting.  He started his own accounting practice but the results weren’t good, and when his cousin told him about a business opportunity, he decided to take a chance.

    “I attended an Opportunity meeting and heard about the benefits of joining Rena Ware,” says Jorge.  “I decided I wanted to try it.  I liked it because it wasn’t necessary dedicate myself full time, just a few hours a day, and the earnings were very good.”

    Soon Jorge found that he was making good earnings with his new Rena Ware business, and he decided to focus completely on making it successful.  “Rena Ware changed my life around 180 degrees,” he says.  “Today, I am very happy; I have money to buy the things I want; I have a great quality of life.”

    Jorge’s goal is to continue to grow his large organization even larger by helping others earn promotions and succeed with their businesses.  “Every day I wake up thinking of the things I can do to help the people in my organization become leaders and achieve success, he says.  ”Rena Ware taught me how to help people change their way of thinking, acting, and behaving, so that they can succeed.”

  • Diana Guerra

    In 1996, at age 18, Diana discovered the Opportunity and started her own Rena Ware business.  Right away, she loved the independence that allowed her to set her own hours around the needs of her family.  Diana and her husband, Fidel, a lawyer and business administrator, have two children, a son Renato age 6, (who is named for Rena Ware!) and a daughter Laura, age 8. 

    “My children are my main motivation,” says Diana.  “I want to give them everything they need to be happy.  With Rena Ware, it is possible.  The people around me also inspire me, and I am very motivated to recruit new people and teach them.  I always advise new people to start with goals, because you have to know where you are going so you can get there.”

    Besides the independence of being her own boss and being able to help others, Diana loves the trips she has earned through her Rena Ware business and another of her goals is to be able to earn them all. 

    “I have traveled to Brazil, Argentina, Cartagena, and the Dominican Republic.  Seeing new places expands your horizons.  I love to take tours in the many places I visit, and I enjoy the opportunity of sharing with all of the people I meet to learn how they became successful.  I can then bring back new ideas with me to share with the people in my group.”

  • Lucila Ardila

    Born in the small town of Santander in Colombia, Lucia Ardila grew up on her parent’s cattle ranch along with two sisters and two brothers.  Lucila says she wanted to be a stewardess when she grew up—instead, she became a Rena Ware businesswoman.

    Just a little over five years ago, in May 2001, Lucila was introduced to the Opportunity that she says turned her life completely around.  She had been an interior designer for five years, however due to illness she had to close her design business.  It was then that Mauricio Bastilla invited her to an Opportunity meeting.  Lucila says she was impressed by the benefits Rena Ware offered and made the decision to start her own business.  Since then, she has come to appreciate Rena Ware even more. 

    “What makes Rena Ware so special is that it is an honest company—it doesn’t hide anything,” she says.  “You can actually earn promotions, not just dream about them.  It is all up to you.  It is a reality that Rena Ware changes you as a person.  You begin discovering that you can do things you never thought you would be capable of doing.” 

    Lucila advises those starting a new Rena Ware business to take the Opportunity and not let anyone steal your dreams.  “Some people may be negative and try to discourage you, but never let anyone steal your dreams.  Take the invitation and start your business.  Keep going forward, because Rena Ware will help you succeed.” 

  • Mauricio Bastilla

    Mauricio Bastilla was working for an architectural firm when the bottom fell out of his life.  After the firm declared bankruptcy, he and his family went through some very hard times, accumulating debt and having barely enough money for food.  One day, while trying to sell offices in a building he had designed, Mauricio met a man who would offer him the opportunity to change his life.  That man was Premier Executive Director Enrique Rodrigo and the Opportunity was Rena Ware.  Not totally convinced that he could succeed with Rena Ware, Mauricio decided to try it for just a few months.  Today, he is more than happy that he did as he is an Executive Director in charge of a highly successful and thriving Rena Ware organization.

    “Rena Ware changed my life,” he says.  “I was feeling like my life had ended, but Rena Ware gave me hope.  Rena Ware is special because at its core, it is all about helping people.  It changes the way you think.  It makes you believe your dreams can come true, and it is a reality that it does.”  Mauricio has achieved a great many of his dreams since he started his business, including earning the Gold Million Award and Medal of Honor.  “I want to earn more awards than anyone else in Rena Ware,” he says, “and then I want my people to achieve more than me.”

    Mauricio is the proud father of three daughters, Stefania age 15, Helen age 16, and Vanessa, age 20, who started her own Rena Ware business last year and is an Assistant Manager.  Mauricio says his inspiration is his daughters and his dream is help make Rena Ware the biggest business opportunity in Colombia.  “I want to see Rena Ware offices all over Colombia.  I want to reach as many people as I can.”

    His advice for someone starting a new Rena Ware business is to make friends and have fun, and never let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams.  “You need to believe and work for your goals.  Some of my old friends used to make fun of me and called me the pot-selling architect but they didn’t stop me.  Rena Ware doesn’t just help financially; it makes you a better human.  It changes your thinking.  It changed the way I was.  Rena Ware shows you there is a better life and living the Rena Ware life means to live with dignity.  Rena Ware is the best!

  • Maximiliana Urbano

    Before Maximiliana started her Rena Ware business in October 1981, she says she was unsatisfied with her job as a lawyer, was living from paycheck to paycheck, and just making enough to pay for food and rent. Then she found the Rena Ware Opportunity. “I knew it was for people who wanted success, and it was up to me to succeed.”

    At first, I was very nervous to present the products. I asked my children to help me and would practice my demonstration for them. My little son even drew me a catalog with pictures of utensils in it to practice with. I still believe training is vitally important. My goal is to train my Consultants to be champions.”  I want to give the Opportunity to as many people as I can. I want them to understand that Rena Ware is a company that cares. Most businesses don’t give their people love, but Rena Ware does.”

    Maximiliana feels strongly about unleashing the potential inside of each person. “Everyone has a sleeping giant inside them,” she says, “and you need to wake the giant to reach your dreams. My goal is to help many, many people reach their dreams with Rena Ware.”

    Maximiliana, who has three grown children, Arturo Richard, Henry Anibal, and Marlene, and says her special inspiration is her grandson Sebastian, who is 9 years old. “For me, Rena Ware means the opportunity to change your life. It is not just about money, it is to grow as a person. I feel like I have done well as a woman. I never felt that way when I was a lawyer. Now, I can afford to take vacations and relax; I couldn’t do that before.”

  • Jose Lopez Hernandez

    Jose Lopez Hernandez loves to travel, which is what first attracted him to Rena Ware.  Jose remembers, “I was in college studying to be a public accountant. During a visit to my hometown, I went to a business center where one of the offices had a Rena Ware poster that said, ‘travel to Hong Kong,’ and that really got my attention. I wanted to earn enough money for my family to live comfortably and I really wanted to travel.” When he finished college, he joined Rena Ware.

    When Jose started training to become a manager, he was concerned he did not have enough experience. “My manager told me the training seminars, combined with my willingness to work hard, would develop my professional ability. After I became a manager, I was able to build a large group in one year. I tell you this not to brag, but to point out the magnitude of success you can achieve and what a tremendous business we have in Rena Ware. If I was able to do this with little experience, anyone can do it.”

    Jose says that when he started with Rena Ware back in 1991, he and his wife thought of Rena Ware as “his” career, and didn’t realize what an important role she would play. His wife, Elizabeth, manages the business and son, Jovanny Jose, is a Rena Ware Consultant. Now, their dream of developing a family business is not about finances, but their children’s future.

    “Our children must get an education, but above all, they must be clearly guided to a career they can succeed with, starting when they are teenagers. Otherwise, young people can be easily caught up in bad influences and addictions. We give them a good start with a career in Rena Ware.”

  • Arce Trujillo

    Arce Trujillo’s life today is vastly different from the one that he knew when he was growing up in the Alfonso Ugarte District located north of Lima, Peru.  Coming from a family that was very poor and living far away from the city, Arce describes his childhood as very difficult.

    After leaving school, he was barely earning enough to meet his expenses.  He worked in restaurants and as a messenger before a friend invited him to learn about the Rena Ware Opportunity.

    “The Rena Ware opportunity changed my life completely,” says Arce.  “I have had the opportunity to travel around the world, buy several brand new cars, and I own several properties.  Because of Rena Ware, I feel accomplished in life.”

    Besides growing a highly successful Rena Ware business in Peru, some of Arce’s other accomplishments include building his dream house based on houses he saw while traveling in Europe, earning a university degree in Business Administration and Marketing, and providing his three children with excellent university educations.

    A favorite saying of Arce’s is that, “it is not always easy, but it is always possible.”  “The first thing I tell new people just starting with Rena Ware is that they are getting an opportunity to change their lives, and I give my own experience as an example,” he says.  “If you are organized and work hard, you will be able to achieve your dreams, and succeed, and see the world.”

  • Carmen Bustamante

    At age 19, Carmen Bustamante was taking computing courses at the university while looking for a way to earn extra money.  When she heard about Rena Ware, she immediately became interested in the travel opportunities, as well as the opportunity it offered to become a leader.

    Although her family wanted her to focus on her education, Carmen started her business and her training, while still attending school.  “It was hard at first because I was very shy, and I knew nothing about sales,” she recalls.  “I started doing demonstrations.  After a month, I made my first sale and earned more than what a specialist would earn in a month of work!”

    After a while Carmen suspended her studies so she could earn enough to buy a car.  She then resumed her studies in computing and business management.  “I demonstrated Rena Ware during the day and studied at night until I got my degree, which gave my mother great satisfaction,” says Carmen.

    Carmen found that she had the skills necessary to take difficult situations and turn them into opportunities after relocating her business to the city of Maracaibo.  She began to focus on sharing the Opportunity with everyone she met so she could help others experience the same benefits she had received from her business and in the process discovered a new direction for her life.

    “When you live your life from the perspective of receiving only, you forget that there is very important aspect of life that is about giving; giving time, energy, enthusiasm, and effort,” she says.  “That is why I want to give my best and be happy helping many people change their lives as I did.”

    “With Rena Ware, I can give people the opportunity to have their own business, with no investment, except for their time,” says Carmen.  “To start, you don’t have to have all the knowledge, because you will receive the training you need.  Rena Ware gives you the opportunity of owning a business, and the ability to share that same opportunity with others.”

  • Santiago Villeda

    Growing up in the small village of Zimapan in Hidalgo, Mexico, Santiago Villeda heard of Rena Ware from a relative who had his own Rena Ware business in the United States. “I remember him talking about Rena Ware, and that is what I wanted to do when I grew up,” says Santiago. “I didn’t even know that Rena Ware was cookware, but I wanted to do it anyway.”

    When Santiago came to the United States in 1995, he started his own Rena Ware business mainly because of his family. “I remember my relative went to Turkey, and when he came back I saw the pictures from the trip,” recalls Santiago. “I wanted to do the same thing, to travel around the world. It had a big impact on me.”

    Because of Rena Ware, Santiago says he learned to dream, something he couldn’t do before coming to the United States. “Rena Ware opened the doors so I could reach my goals,” he explains. “It lets you dream you can have a better life and makes you believe you can do it.”

    Santiago, whose organization is based in the Chicago area, and his wife Maria Carmen Trejo, have been married for 12 years and have three children, Joselyn, Bryan, and Melanie. Santiago’s family is his biggest inspiration, and he is also inspired by new challenges.

    Santiago is very thankful he was given the opportunity to change his life and to the people who believed in him.. “It is priceless all the support I have received,” says Santiago. “Having a Rena Ware business is special because you are not alone. Rena Ware is like a big family. All the people in my organization are like my family. I feel very proud to tell everyone I am part of Rena Ware.”

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