• Large Classic Skillet (30 cm)

    Large Classic Skillet (30 cm)

    Elegant and versatile, the Large Classic Skillet is excellent for evenly browning meats, sautéing, stir-frying, and cooking “water-less”.

  • Small Classic Skillet (24 cm)

    Small Classic Skillet (24 cm)

    A smaller version of the 30 cm skillet, you will use the Small Classic Skillet often for preparing family-favorite dishes.

  • Mini Classic Skillet (18 cm)

    Mini Classic Skillet (18 cm)

    The perfect egg pan! Its design makes it ideal for frying or steaming an egg (or two) while maintaining the perfect shape for serving or making a quick egg sandwich.

  • Classic Chef Skillet (30 cm)

    Classic Chef Skillet (30 cm)

    Use as a deep griddle, flat grill, and gourmet skillet; ideal for pancakes, eggs, French toast, quesadillas, and roasted vegetables.

  • Classic Saucepan (2.5 L)

    Classic Saucepan (2.5 L)

    This multi-purpose utensil is great for “water-less” vegetables, heating soups, preparing sauces, and more.

  • Classic Saucier (1.75 L)

    Classic Saucier (1.75 L)

    The Saucier’s curved sides make it perfect for whisking and reducing sauces. Also perfect for risotto and sautéing mushrooms and onions.

  • Classic Grill Pan (36 cm)

    Classic Grill Pan (36 cm)

    This large diameter utensil is ideal for grilling quantities of meat, fish, or chicken strips and for roasting vegetables or charring peppers and onions. The grooved cooking surface leaves grill marks on food while allowing fat to drain.

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