• MAX COOKER (27L)

    MAX COOKER (27L)

    With an impressive 27-litre capacity, the Max Cooker is made for cooking extra-large quantities — steamed tamales and hallacas, curries, chile con carne, rice dishes, and more.



    Queen Cooker (8 L), King Cooker (12 L), Super Deluxe Cooker (16 L). If you enjoy entertaining or have a large family, you will love the generous cooking capacities offered by Rena Ware’s jumbo pieces — available individually or as a set.

  • 6 Litre Roaster

    6 Litre Roaster

    Use for stews, soups, pasta, and for roasting on the stovetop or in the oven (up to 400℉ | 200℃).

  • GRAN CACEROLA (38 cm)

    GRAN CACEROLA (38 cm)

    The elegant 6-litre Gran Cacerola is perfect for braising meats and vegetables, and for preparing paella, stir-fry, arroz con pollo, picadillo, and for healthy meals cooked the ‘‘water-less’’ way.

  • La Princesa (34 cm)

    La Princesa (34 cm)

    At 4.5 litres, the Princesa is a smaller version of our popular 6-litre Gran Cacerola. You will use it often for your daily cooking needs.

  • Contessa

    The perfect Rena Ware utensil for your oven! The Contessa’s unique 33 x 27 x 5cm (13" x 11" x 2") size makes it versatile for roasting, baking and cooking oven casseroles. It also makes a striking serving piece.

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